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Compact Air Dehumidifier TTK 355 S

Compact Air Dehumidifier TTK 355 S


Powerful and durable air dehumidifier with high dehumidification output, also at low temperatures. Ideal to dry new buildings. Rolling piston compressor. With operating hours counter and integrated hygrostat that independently switches off the compressor upon reaching the desired humidity levels. The device can either be operated using a drain hose (commercially available 1/2" water hose) or the installed collection container. Dehumidifying is temporarily stopped upon reaching the maximum collection capacity and the tank check lamp lights up.


  • Dehumidifying output: up to a maximum of 70 l in 24 hours
  • Power consumption: 230 V/1.27 kW
  • Humidity range: 32?100 % relative humidity
  • Temperature range: +5 to +32 °C
  • Maximum air output: 1,000 m³/h
  • Water tank: 6 l
  • Dimensions: 450 x 510 x 720 mm
  • Weight: approximately 39 kg

Ordering Information

1826.0355.0000/sales unit 1