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KlimAir Wedge 1866

KlimAir Wedge 1866

The KlimAir system acts against the colonization by mold spores because KlimAir combines two functions:

Extremely good sorption capability and high alkalinity
The high sorption capability means that the system is able to absorb moisture and release it into the ambient air again during dry climate conditions. This partially compensates for or buffers extreme fluctuations in the humidity. In conjunction with the high alkalinity of the overall system, mold is left with no nutritive substrate for growth.
The KlimAir wedge is the perfect supplement for achieving a high sorption capability on transitions from the KlimAir panel to other walls and ceilings.
-high compressive strength of the KlimAir wedge
-material thickness of 2.5 cm tapering down to 0.5 cm
-format: 59.5 x 39.5 cm
-easy to cut and use
-fiberglass nonwoven surface with good adhesion properties for further coating build-ups



1.68 wedges per running meter

Ordering Information

1866 / 59,5 x 39,5 x 2,5/0,5 cm / PU 1 unit