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Balcony Exit Bench 3495

Balcony Exit Bench 3495

The aluminum bench with Styro lightweight concrete core is the ideal solution for the transition between the balcony, terrace, and living area. Thanks to its special lug structure, the risk of slipping when walking is significantly reduced.

  • Styro lightweight concrete with aluminum lamination
  • special lug structure reduces the risk of slipping
  • prevents dynamically occurring loads on the facade insulation
  • optimum solution to construction requirements in the ETIC system
  • can be used in the new and old construction areas
  • length: max. 4 meters

Ordering Information

Balcony Exit Bench 3495
up to

U-up-turn 3495

Bracket consoles 3495
3495.0002.0001 up to 120 mm (120x140 mm) incl. mounting
3495.0002.0002 up to 160 mm (150x240 mm) incl. mounting
3495.0002.0003 bis 200 mm (180x240 mm) incl. mounting

Thermo console 3495
3495.0002.0004 from 220 mm (250x300 mm) incl. mounting

All components must be ordered separately!