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Floortec Decochips 843

Floortec Decochips 843

Pigmented Dekochips for decorative design of both interior and exterior floor coatings.

-matt surface
-can be scattered into wet floor coatings
-very hardwearing in system build-up
-many design options
-reduces risk of slipping


data sheets

Safety data sheets


Approx. 30 - 50 g/m² with open decor image


5 base mixtures
7 "uni" shades according to floor coatings color chart

Ordering Information

843 / 1 kg / packed in single units (uni-shades)
843 / 5 kg / packed in single units (base mixtures)

Pigmented design with Floortec Decochips 843

The combination of pigmented floor coatings and Floortec Decochips 843 provides you with a wide range of design options. Please try it on: