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Proven solutions for more efficiency Efficient work

To be successful on construction sites today, you have to convince with quality, creativity and reliability – as well as speed and cleanliness. Brillux provides proven solutions to allow efficient, effective, and productive work: from the wallpapering device and devices for low-overspray airless spraying, to LOGO, the intelligent Brillux construction site logistics solution.

Low-overspray airless spraying

Man vs. Machine: Efficient work on facades

Who's faster coating a facade: the professional using the traditional paint roller or the one counting on his airless spray system? Find out here!

Saving time and costs made easy

Low-overspray spraying works with practically any high-performance airless device (see our tools): both in interior areas and on facades. The correct accessories are all it takes to make an existing spraying device suitable for low-overspray spraying. This means that all the advantages of this technology can be used with minimal costs.

The advantages:

  • Time savings and cost reductions of 30 percent and more
  • Low covering requirements
  • Fast, uniform application of the material
  • No special coating materials required
  • No more lugging buckets
  • Minimal acquisition costs

There is also no need to order special airless qualities or for double storage: You can simply use Brillux standard products for low-overspray spraying.

Settings and accessories

A uniform surface appearance requires a combination of the correct device settings and professional painters' know-how:

  • The spraying pressure is reduced, and a larger nozzle with a small spray angle is used.
  • During application, the spray gun must be moved continuously at an angle of 90 degrees to the surface.
  • Maintain a distance of 1530 cm from the surface.
  • For a uniform surface appearance: Surfaces should be rerolled by one to two employees

Aircoat/airless painting

Aircoat/airless painting

Aircoat/airless painting

Our Hydro PU spray products will convince you with their perfect flow and flawless surfaces — with excellent ease of application.


XVLP processing

XVLP processing

XVLP processing

The innovative XVLP spray technology makes the entry into the world of spray painting easier and is even profitable on small and medium-sized objects.


Wallpaper pasting machines

Fast and easy application to walls

Using a wallpaper pasting machine is not just profitable for large projects. Wall coverings with a width of 75 cm, especially Brillux Rapid Nonwoven 1525, can be applied particularly efficiently with this equipment. For an application area of just 40 m², at least 40 minutes can be saved compared with manual wallpapering. This is ample time for setting up and cleaning the wallpaper pasting machine. And the larger the area to be wallpapered, the greater the time savings. Depending on the project characteristics and the number of users, the so-called "break-even-point" can even be achieved on smaller application areas. Wallpaper pasting machines provide another decisive advantage for gluing nonwoven material: The glue quantity can be controlled optimally, which is particularly important for the smooth non-woven wall coverings.

Wall-pasting technique

Efficient application of rough nonwoven

Efficient application of rough nonwoven

Structure of the woodchip wallpaper, stability of the nonwoven: Rough nonwoven combines the best of two worlds.


Filler material

Efficient filling

Efficient filling

Efficiency and quality: Achieve flawless smooth surfaces, and save time and money at the same time.


Construction site logistics

Efficient conveying technology guarantees competitive advantages

High-performance mixing and conveying technology is an important productivity factor at construction sites – not just for major projects. More and more professional painters are using machine technology even on small construction sites. In close cooperation with professional painters, Brillux has therefore developed intelligent conveying technology systems: the Brillux LOGO systems. Their targeted use brings maximum flexibility with optimal efficiency. This means: no time-consuming preparation of the constructions materials by hand, no lugging buckets, and no expensive set-up times.

C 250 and C 500: More productivity on construction sites

These two strong container systems for emulsion paints and other liquid products put an end to unprofitable material storage times. Brillux LOGO C makes coating walls and facades simple: Simply tap the container, start work, and create a surface. The Brillux delivery service brings the completely filled LOGO-C containers exactly where they are needed – flexibly, on-time, reliably.

  • <p>LOGO C 500 and C 250</p>

    LOGO C 500 and C 250

The advantages:

  • Capacity: 250 or 500 liters
  • 2-inch DIN-C connection for airless devices
  • Can be equipped with two work ports
  • Low residual quantities via practical conservation trough in the container
  • Piston pump for a conveying distance of up to 150 m
  • Lockable tap and cover
  • Complete product range of application tools and accessories available directly from Brillux

S 1600 and S 5: Well conceived down to the smallest detail

For measurably higher productivity at the construction site: LOGO S 1600 and LOGO S 5 combine maximum filling capacity with state-of-the-art mixing and conveying technology. Both systems are extremely low-maintenance. You only have to set the consistency of the conveyed material once at the start of work – then the intelligent LOGO control electronics guarantees completely consistent material quality automatically. Conveying technology systems combined with the highly developed Brillux logistics therefore make working on large construction sites even more efficient.

  • <p>LOGO S 1600</p>

    LOGO S 1600

The advantages:

  • Capacity: 1,600 or 4,800 kg
  • Electronic control system for completely uniform material consistency and smooth interworking of the continuous flow mixer and conveyor
  • Early warning system with automatic switch-off: Water pressure monitor provides maximum operational safety
  • Depending on the material, conveyor and hose: Conveying capacity of up to 50 m
  • Smooth communication via wet probe technology with worm conveyors
  • Variable telescopic stand for adaptation to the substrate
  • Filling in minutes, "just-in-time" with the Brillux Big Bag
  • Complete product range of application tools and accessories available directly from Brillux


P 1000: A clean solution

With a filling capacity of up to 1,000 kg, LOGO P 1000 is perfect for use on medium-sized construction sites. The Brillux construction site service delivers the LOGO silo "just-in-time" to the desired construction site: Set it up, connect it to the conveyor, and it is ready to use. Extremely practical: As is the case for LOGO P 2000, LOGO P 1000 also results in a clean construction site. At the end of the working day, simply seal the hose airtight or place the spray lance in water overnight. On the next working day, users can continue immediately where they left off without long setup times.

  • <p>LOGO P 2000</p>

    LOGO P 2000

The advantages:

  • Filling capacity: up to 1,000 kg
  • High conveying distances of up to 60 m, depending on the worm conveyor
  • Funnel-shaped silo made from double-rolled stainless steel for optimal flow
  • Height-adjustable feet for variable connection of worm conveyors and easy material removal
  • Complete product range of application tools and accessories available directly from Brillux


P 2000: For medium to large building projects

The LOGO P 2000 conveyor system is a closed system. It stands for minimal setup and application times and maximum productivity. Up to 2,000 kg paste-like and cement-free, ready-to-use material can be stored and applied efficiently. Typical Brillux: intelligent detail solutions like the variable pump output for exact control of the flow rate or the finely adjustable liquid pump metering. Both guarantee consistently optimal work results – in all weather conditions. The advantages:

  • Filling up to 2,000 kg – with refill silo up to 3,000 kg
  • Stainless steel silo with 1x height adjustable feet and integrated conveyor
  • No daily cleaning required
  • Exact metering of the quantity being conveyed via presettable pump output
  • Large conveying distance of up to 60 m
  • Funnel-shaped silo made from double-rolled stainless steel for optimal flow

Start-up of a dry silo