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Brillux color studios Know-how and passion for paint

Are you looking for support with your design plans and would like inspiration from dedicated color designers? Do you place great importance on illustrative and appealing presentation forms? Precision work and enthusiasm for every detail are extremely important in demanding projects. Both know-how and passion for color design are offered by the nine Brillux color studios.

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Five steps to the goal

1. Together to the design goal: actual and target analysis

A skillful color design requires dialog: Communication and cooperation between clients, decision-makers and planners.

2. Handover of the design templates

The color concept is selected based on

  • CAD data for all conventional architecture programs
  • views as construction drawings and site plans and
  • object photos (overall views, detail, surroundings)
3. Development of the color concept

All factors are taken into account when developing the color concept: Architectural style, light influences, official requirements, current color trends, color psychology and viewing habits.

4. Coordination phase

The developed concept is presented and explained to the client:

  • Handover of the plans as PDF or JPG files
  • Where necessary, changes are made in agreement with the client
5. Final presentation of the color designs

The final presentation includes

  • 3D visualizations or 2D representations
  • A perspective impression, in digital form, as a rendering or as a video
  • A precise outline of the building spaces
  • View and detail representations
  • Use of real colors in the presentation

3D visualization

3D visualization: Show perspectives

You have to show good ideas: preferably with 3D visualization. After all, three-dimensional designs reflect our viewing habits. With large projects in particular, a perspective representation helps the customer to get a better understanding and feel for the design faster. They can see the depth of the building structure, the ratio between the spaces and have the opportunity to zoom in on details. The color concept with all design details, such as door or window soffits, multiple perspectives and viewing angles looks more realistic and can therefore be clarified more effectively. Service "made by Brillux" The 3D visualization for the presentations is created directly in each of the nine Brillux color studios. The conditions for producing the visualization and the processing times depend on the type of representation and the type and scope of the project.

3D visualizations for interior and external use

3D rendering

3D color concepts as a video

The color concept videos are a real highlight and innovative feature: The client can move around the building as early as the planning stage and view it from all angles. Color designs are turning multimedia. While the print-out was regarded as the most important representation form for a long time, networking is now becoming ever more important in the age of iPad and co.