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Acrylic Sealing 395Acrylic Sealing 395 Open

Acrylic Sealing 395

Single-component, coatable, for both interior and exterior use

PUR Sealing 382PUR Sealing 382 Open

PUR Sealing 382

One-component polyurethane joint sealant conforming to DIN 18 540, for both...

PU Sealing Primer 379PU Sealing Primer 379 Open

PU Sealing Primer 379

Sealant primer

Hybrid Sealing Compound 383Hybrid Sealing Compound 383 Open

Hybrid Sealing Compound 383

Single-component, solvent-free, hybrid sealing compound for diverse applications...

Skeleton gun 1532Skeleton gun 1532 Open

Skeleton gun 1532

Professional quality with hex slide rod. For standard cartridges up to 310 ml.

Qju Assembly Gun 3556Qju Assembly Gun 3556 Open

Qju Assembly Gun 3556

Robust, maintenance-free assembly gun for metered, quantity-controlled foaming of...