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Festool MX 1000 RE EF HS3R Agitator

Festool MX 1000 RE EF HS3R Agitator

Practical and powerful single-speed agitator with patented ERGOFIX height adjustment for ergonomic working and integrated agitator quick-change function. With accelerator electronics for a smoothly running tool, electronic speed control for agitator speeds geared towards the material and rubber-coated handles arranged in parallel to easily operate the unit.

  • Power consumption: 230 V/1.020 W
  • speed: 360–630 rpm
  • Tool mount: M14/ErgoFix
  • Agitation material quantities: up to 40 l

Complete with:

  • HS3R 120 x 160 plaster spiral stirring rod
  • ERGOFIX adapter
  • Dust extraction MX - A
  • Double open-end wrench

Ordering Information

1841.1000.0000/sales unit 1 unit