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STF RTS/C 400 Granat Sanding Strips

STF RTS/C 400 Granat Sanding Strips

Universally suitable high-performance abrasive agent with powerful abrasive output particularly suitable for water-based or soft paint that tends to prematurely block the abrasive agent. Very durable, even on hard substrates. STF Velcro fastening, pre-punched. Carrier material: highly tear-resistant special paper. Grain type: fully distributed, hardened aluminum oxide, up to P100 with ceramic grain additive. Base and top bond: synthetic resin combination. Featuring dust-repellent zinc stearate coating. Application: initial, intermediate, and final processing of VOC-compliant and conventional paint systems, filler material, primer, plastic, emulsion paint, mineral materials, wood, and metal. For RTS and RTSC 400. Size: 80 x 133 mm.

Ordering Information

1414.0040.0000/grain size: P 40/sales unit 50
1414.0060.0000/grain size: P 60/sales unit 50
1414.0080.0000/grain size: P 80/sales unit 50
1414.0120.0000/grain size: P 120/sales unit 100
1414.0180.0000/grain size: P 180/sales unit 100
1414.0220.0000/grain size: P 220/sales unit 100
1414.0240.0000/grain size: P 240/sales unit 100
1414.0280.0000/grain size: P 280/sales unit 100