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PU Sealing Compound 382

PU Sealing Compound 382

Single-component, coating-compatible joint sealant as per DIN 18 540 for exterior use. Soft, elastic, and rot-resistant following curing. Can be used without primer, e.g. for ceramics, anodized aluminum and glass. Reaction to fire corresponds to building materials category B2.
For elastic sealing of moving, separating and connection joints, e.g. on substrates made of concrete, aerated concrete, brickwork, etc., also suitable for some metals and plastic materials. Particularly suitable for sealing expansion joints in building construction as per DIN 18 540-F. Also suitable to bond Drip Edge Profiles 1595 and Coved Profiles 1593. Not suitable for sealing windows and on marble and natural stone. Use PU Sealant Primer 379 as adhesion promoter on porous substrates, such as zinc, copper, aluminum, and hard PVC. 310 ml cartridges and 600 ml tubular bag in white and gray.


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Calculating joint width times joint depth times joint length results in the consumption.
With a joint cross section of 15 x 10 mm the 310 ml cartridge is enough for approximately 2.06 m, the 600 ml tubular bag for approximately 4.00 m. Determine the exact consumption by test use on the item to be coated.

Ordering Information

0382.0310.0095/cartridge/white/sales unit 20
0382.0310.7900/cartridge/gray/sales unit 20
0382.0600.0095/tubular bag/white/sales unit 20
0382.0600.7900/tubular bag/gray/sales unit 20