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Festool Granat Abrasive Sponge

Festool Granat Abrasive Sponge

Abrasive sponge with coating on two sides featuring soft foam core, especially also to process water-based and soft paint systems. Ideal to process profiles and shaped surfaces and for applications as part of which the workpiece structure must be preserved.

  • For initial, intermediate, and final processing of water-based and conventional paint systems, emulsion paint, filler material, and wood. Dimensions: 98 mm x 120 mm x 13 mm.
Pack of 6.

Ordering Information

1422.0060.1000/grain size 60/sales unit 1 pack
1422.0120.1000/grain size 120/sales unit 1 pack
1422.0220.1000/grain size 220/sales unit 1 pack