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Briplast Airless Filler ELF 1890

Briplast Airless Filler ELF 1890


White, ready-to-use spray filler that binds to emulsions, for application with an airless or worm conveyor pump machine.


  • ELF = low-emission, solvent and plasticizer-free
  • Complies with the requirements of the Committee for the Health-related Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB)
  • Can be applied with high-performance airless devices (piston technology) and worm conveyors
  • For interior use
  • Up to 3 mm film thickness per work step
  • Ready to apply
  • Rust-inhibiting
  • With good adhesion
  • Good filling power
  • Long open time
  • Dry sandable



Approx. 1.0 l/m² per layer.



Ordering Information

1890.0015.0000 PU 1 Bucket good
1890.0015.0001 PU 1 Bagged good