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The Vita range in the online world

Even in the painting trade, one noticeable trend is that ever more customers are better informed. This means that the demands placed on specialists are also on the rise. Health is playing an increasingly important role, and not just for those with allergies. It is becoming much more common for customers to tackle any potential impact on indoor air quality by requesting preservative-free products. Fortunately, Brillux has the perfect answer, thanks to the new Vita range.



Would you like to make your online customers aware of new, preservative-free interior design options? Then take advantage of our offers.

If you log into "My Brillux" using your ID, in the image material area, you will find pictures of products, all from the Vita range, that can be integrated into your website. On the Website content page, you can choose from a wide range of Vita banners that will effectively advertise your partnership with Brillux on your website as well as your expertise with preservative-free products.



If you wish to go one step further and really inspire your customers, then our Vita video will continue to help. This can be found in our YouTube channel and it can be easily embedded in your website: To do so, click on "Share" in the video navigation and then on "Embed" in the dialog box that appears. Then build the code displayed into the correct location in your website.