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Resistant and fast Floortec 2C Purolid

The stage is set for an innovative floor sealing system from Brillux: The new Floortec 2C Purolid floor sealers are highly resistant, can be applied or reworked very quickly, and are real all-rounders when it comes to application.

As a water-based, two-component seal on the basis of polyurethane, 2C Purolid is highly resilient, both mechanically as well as chemically. Furthermore, the sealed surfaces can be decontaminated, are disinfectant-resistant and very light and weather-resistant.

Thanks to the rapid curing and the short processing time, for rapid renovations, it is possible to apply two coatings per day – and as proven by the successful assessment in accordance with the AgBB specification, with very low emissions.

Furthermore, 2C Purolid also excels, thanks to very good leveling and excellent adhesion. In the standard structure, 2C Purolid corresponds to Slip Resistance Class R9. In combination with Floortec Safe Step 841, Slip Resistance Class R10 and R10 or R11 is achieved.

In addition to the transparent sealers in gloss grades silk matt and silk gloss, with 2C Purolid F 878, a colored, silk matt floor sealer with good covering power is also available in the standard color shades RAL 7035 and RAL 7023, which can also be individually tinted via the Brillux Color System.

An overview of the Floortec 2C Purolid floor sealing system:

An all rounder for a wide range of areas of use

Whether on mineral substrates such as concrete, cement screed and calcium sulphate or as top seal on industrial EP and PU coatings, 2C Purolid is universally suitable for both indoors and outdoors and therefore can be used for many substrates.

The transparent 2C Purolid also ensures resistant, tough sealing on mineral design plaster floor Floortec 2C Mineralico SL 470 and Luxury Vinyl Tiles 3055. Floors sealed with 2C Purolid are also resistant to plasticizers. Thanks to these properties, a wide range of areas of application are open for the new floor sealing system.

In addition to use in private living areas, retail, catering, and in commercial enterprises, application in garages, on parking spaces for rubber-tired vehicles or in workrooms is also possible.

Examples of coating build-ups

on mineral substrates

Day 1

1) Priming with Floortec 2C Aqua Base 809

Day 2

2) Intermediate and 3) top coating with Floortec 2C Purolid F 878 in the desired color shade

Optionally, the top coat can also be equipped with 3 % of Safe-Step 841 to achieve Slip Resistance Class R11

on old epoxy or polyurethane floor coatings

Day 1

1) Deep cleaning and sanding

2) Intermediate and 3) top coating with Floortec 2C Purolid F 878 in the desired color shade

Day 2

4) Optional sealer with Floortec 2C Purolid 876 or 877 as additional anti-wear layer or when using Floortec Decochips 843

on Luxury Vinyl Tiles 3055 (LVT)

1a) and 1b) transparent protective layer for Luxury Vinyl Tiles 3055 with Floortec 2C Purolid T 876 or 877

2a) and 2b) colored recoating of worn luxury vinyl tiles for fast renovation with Floortec 2C Purolid F 878

on Floortec 2C Mineralico SL 470

1) and 2) Floortec 2C Purolid T 876 (silk matt) or 877 (silk gloss) are ideal as a top coat in a system build-up with the mineral plaster floor Floortec 2C Mineralico SL 470

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