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Textile floor coverings Sound insulation and comfort with style

The floor plays a major part in the character of a room. The floor covering is therefore a key component in the interior design. Textile floor coverings in particular impress with a high level of walking comfort and good sound insulation – for a wide range of requirements: in the private residential areas, as well as in offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, or stores.

If the requirements extend beyond a comfortable room atmosphere, "MyHome & Business XXI" Wall-to-Wall Carpetings are the first choice. The floor coverings are beautiful, insulate walking noise and minimize the dust concentration in the room air. These are advantages that hard floor coverings cannot compete with. By the way: "MyHome & Business XXI" Wall-to-Wall Carpetings are perfect for people allergic to household dust.

The PRODIS advantage

All wall-to-wall carpetings in the "MyHome & Business XXI" Collection from Brillux have the PRODIS label. When the product registration number is entered at The product information system shows relevant data for each wall-to-wall carpeting – on environmental issues, safety aspects, usage areas, or usage classes and additional suitabilities. PRODIS provides consumers and the the retail market with reliable information, based on

  • the GUT testing system with hazardous substances, emissions and odor testing.
  • the standardized FCSS symbols (Floor Covering Standard Symbols) for the usage classification and additional suitabilities.

Blue Angel and Indoor Air Comfort

They have the "Blue Angel" label as an indication of a healthy living environment: This means that the qualities are also tested for harmful substances, formaldehyde, plasticizers, and other volatile organic compounds.

Furthermore, all textile floor coverings from Brillux have the Eurofins "Indoor Air Comfort GOLD" label. The certification indicates compliance with the legally specified product emission values and compliance with several voluntary ecolabels in the EU. The low emissions of the floor coverings also contribute to a good room air quality.

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting MyHome XXI

For a good living experience

They are beautiful and feel comfortably soft and fluffy. No other floor covering creates as much ambiance as wall-to-wall carpeting. In living areas, they are often used where people like to walk around barefoot or in socks: in bedrooms and children's rooms or the living room. And MyHome XXI Wall-to-Wall Carpeting provides even more advantages:

  • They are gentle on the muscles, ligaments, and joints.
  • The textile fibers insulate up to 55 percent of the walking noise.
  • Wall-to-wall carpeting also provide thermal insulation and therefore helps to save energy.
  • The fine dust concentration in the room air is reduced by up to 50 percent – great for people allergic to household dust.

Which wall-to-wall carpeting is suitable for which room?

The wear characteristics for the living area are indicated with the following symbols and the corresponding usage areas:


For bedrooms, guest rooms, dining rooms, and living rooms with moderate use: for example Arcus or Calvus


For bedrooms, guest rooms, dining rooms and living rooms with intensive use


For living rooms, hallways or entrance areas subject to severe stress: for example Incus or Opacus

Wall-to-Wall Carpeting MyBusiness XXI

Calm room ambiance and maximum walking comfort

Wall-to-wall carpeting is the only floor covering that contributes significantly to sound absorption. It therefore creates a calm working climate in the office and is also suitable for hotels, restaurants, stores and warehouses, or public institutions.

In addition to the acoustic benefits, the floor coverings from Brillux also offer a high level of walking comfort: The textile fibers give way to each step and are gentle on the joints – particularly ideal for surfaces subject to a high level of walking.

MyBusiness XXI Wall-to-Wall Carpetings exhibit even more sought-after properties depending on the quality: They are suitable for chair castors, steps, and use with floor heating.

The qualities Andesit, Dolerit and Felsit from the MyBusiness XXI sample card are perfect for fitting out public buildings. In addition to the 400 cm strip goods, these qualities are also available in 50 x 50 cm tile format. This enables combinations when laying – and not just strip and tile goods in the same color, but also special designs in different colors and qualities – the pure tile quality Buchit is the perfect addition for individual designs here.

Carpet tiles create a flexibility that is completely on trend. In addition to lower off-cuts than with strip goods, renovations can often even be carried out during operation, because partial laying is possible. Carpet tiles also offer further advantages:

  • easy Transport
  • quick change of floor covering
  • short downtimes during renovation
  • access to the technical infrastructure is maintained with raised floors
  • individual laying samples and modifiable designs
  • visual separation, e.g. of function areas
  • partial replacement in the event of soiling, resulting in a more economical product lifecycle compared with strip goods

Which wall-to-wall carpeting is suitable for which type of use?

The wear characteristics are indicated with the following symbols and the corresponding usage areas:


For hotel rooms, sales rooms and all living spaces


For offices, law practices, conference rooms and all living spaces


For areas with an extremely high degree of exposure of the surface in offices, restaurants, event areas, warehouses, reception areas and ticket offices, schools and all residential and business premises: all floor coverings from the MyBusiness XXI carpet flooring and needle felt floor covering sample card, for example

Needle felt floor covering MyBusiness XXI

Needle Felt Floor Covering: can deal with practically anything

Whether in the open-plan office or in a shop – Needle Felt Floor Coverings combine comfort requirements with maximum stressability.

With the Needle Felt Floor Covering Collection, Brillux offers four qualities for every use and fitting requirement: Fine-titer and coarse-titer looks as well as strip and tile goods. Extremely practical and looks good too.

Brillux NeedleFelt Floor Coverings achieve the maximum classification according to usage class 33. Suitable for all requirements in public buildings for chair castors, steps and laying on domestic hot water floor heating systems. The Brillux Needle Felt Floor Covering qualities also fulfill the requirements of the DIBT (German Institute of Structural Engineering) for use in communal areas. They have the "Blue Angel" label as an indication of a healthy living environment.

Floor coverings or tiles

In addition to the well-known floor coverings in 200 cm width, the Brillux quality Zirkon is also available as tiles in the format 50 x 50 cm. In public buildings, the laying of tiles as modules is an extremely economically solution for the floor covering: It is not just soiled areas that can be replaced easily.

Even with double floors frequently used for supplying the rooms with air conditioning technology and electricity and data lines, tiles achieve a high level of flexibility in the interior design. Individual elements can be incorporated to enable double floor elements to be opened as required.

Because Zirkon tiles are equipped with a nonwoven-based textile backing, fixing with Brillux Universal Fixation LF 394 is all that is required.

Both hard-wearing and flexible

The Brillux needle felt qualities prove that extremely hard-wearing floor coverings don't necessarily need to be very hard. The Flex Technology creates a more flexible fiber bonding: This ensures that the floor covering provides a higher flexibility and suppleness during laying – regardless of the temperatures at the installation location. And without compromising on quality.

The advantages of the Flex System also become apparent when laying across the stair nosings, in the increased walking comfort and better resilience – resulting is lower wear values.

Quality for your feet

Optional characteristics for wall-to-wall carpets

Floor coverings have to withstand a lot – particularly in commercial areas such as offices. For classifying the different qualities and properties, it is useful to have a manufacturer-independent labeling system:


Textile floor coverings have to withstand extreme conditions on stairsteps. Only products that have passed the stair nosing simulation test bear this symbol. Products with the "stairs" symbol are suitable for use in commercial areas. The additional symbol "residential" indicates suitability for use on stairs in private residential areas.

Chair castors

This symbol guarantees that the wall-to-wall carpeting can also withstand the surface stresses resulting from chair castors in commercial work areas. Floor coverings with the additional symbol "residential" are suitable for areas such as private work rooms with a less surface stress.

Entflammbarkeit (Flammability)

The Euroclass Bfl-S1 and Cfl-S1 (schwer entflammbar ... (flame-retardant)) in accordance with EN 13501-1 replaces the previous building materials class "B1" for schwer entflammbar (flame-retardant) floor coverings in accordance with DIN 4102.

Anti-static properties

Carpet floor coverings with this label have permanent anti-static properties. This means: Electrostatic discharges cannot make themselves felt by unpleasant shocks on contact with door handles, for example. The carpet floor coverings with this label are therefore suitable for use in rooms containing IT equipment.

Floor heating

The symbol of the heating coil with three arrows indicates carpet floor coverings that can be laid in rooms with floor heating. Its structure enables the heat to flow sufficiently from the bottom upwards and thus retains the effect of the floor heating. Carpet floor coverings on floor heating should be glued over the entire area with Dispersion Adhesive LF 392. This helps to prevent air pockets and achieves the best possible heat transfer.

Design floor covering

The floor covering plays a key role in the design concept for a room. Brillux design floor coverings create the desired ambiance.


Clean-off mats

Clean-off mats are suitable in heavily frequented entrance areas. Brillux clean-off floor coverings have proven themselves in this area.