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Luxury vinyl tiles Perfect floors: MyHome & Business XXII

In an overall design concept, the floor plays a fundamental role. The material and color selection make a vital impact on a room’s atmosphere. Thanks to the Brillux Luxury Vinyl Tiles, you get uniform vinyl flooring of the very best product quality, which is very hard to distinguish from the natural version. The very authentic look with decor-specific surface texture achieves a perfect reproduction of the original, with the realistic underfloor acoustics when walked on.

Brillux Luxury Vinyl Tiles show off their advantages when it comes to durability, at a low installation height of 2 or 2.5 mm, both in new builds as well as in renovation projects. As a result, it can be used in countless ways in private residential settings or in public buildings such as retail, healthcare, wellness/fitness to gastronomy and the hotel industry.

Design Luxury Vinyl Tile categories

Experience the MyHome & Business XXII Luxury Vinyl Tile Collection from Brillux. The total of 40 designs are once again grouped into four updated categories, making it easy to look for the right design or find inspiration, and meaning the floor design can be assigned to one of the following themes.

charismatic woods

The decor in the "charismatic woods" category creates a particularly lively overall image and the floor design has a unique, charming appearance. These patterns are highly appealing, thanks to their varied texture and color contrasts within the individual planks.

nordic style

This category above all includes light-colored wood decors that exude a certain Nordic flair. The Luxury Vinyl Tiles in the "nordic style" give rooms a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ and are reminiscent of Scandinavian woods that can for example be found in cozy, very typically Swedish interiors.

fine selection

The "fine selection" principally includes traditional decor options that are the perfect choice for timeless designs. Both light and dark-colored woods are included here; they fit in seamlessly into many rooms with their uniform, simple designs.

modern stones

The "modern stones" category includes a total of eight trendy tile decor options. These can be used without joints as all-over patterns or with accent strips for that classic tiled look.


For a better room air quality

All Brillux Luxury Vinyl Tiles have the Eurofins "Indoor Air Comfort GOLD" label. The certification indicates compliance with the legally specified product emission values and compliance with several voluntary ecolabels in the EU. The low emissions of the Luxury Vinyl Tiles also contribute to a good room air quality.

Completely phthalate-free

Across the entire Luxury Vinyl Tiles collection MyHome & Business XXII, Brillux has refrained from using plasticizers containing phthalates – and therefore fulfills the requirements that otherwise only apply for baby toys and medical products.

Low installation height

Brillux Luxury Vinyl Tiles are extremely hard-wearing even with their low build-up height of 2 or 2.5 mm. Ideal for new builds and renovations.

Visual appearance and acoustics

The Tiles with decoration-specific surface texture not only look true to the original, but also impress with their natural sound underfoot.

Variations for authenticity

Every decoration has an intentional variation in the individual elements. This develops an extremely authentic overall appearance when laid over a large area.


Qualities for every requirement

Luxury Vinyl Tiles – Classic 30

For highest degree of surface exposure in private living areas and light surface exposure in public buildings, Brillux provides Luxury Vinyl Tiles with a 0.3 mm wear layer. The circumferential microfiber is emphasized particularly well in finely textured surfaces – Decor 453 is only available without fiber due to its plank appearance.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles – Premium 55

For the highest degree of surface exposure in residential areas and a high degree of surface exposure in commercial premises, the Luxury Vinyl Tiles with a 0.55 mm wear layer is the perfect choice. Chamfered edges all around emphasize the character of any decor: stone looks emphasize the tile character. The wood looks achieve a particularly authentic effect due to their circumferential chamfered edges. Decor 453 is available exclusively without chamfer due to its plank appearance.

Design options

Diverse design options with deepline planks

The deepline planks make a strong visual impression. An ultra-deep chamfer, that extends from all sides to the darker carrier layer of the Luxury Vinyl Tiles, means that the individual board formats are more strongly accentuated.

In total, 6 of the 40 designs are available as deepline planks. The decors with a wear layer of 0.55 mm are supplied mixed within a packing unit, in different widths of 228 mm, 152 mm, and 76 mm. This results in a new, varying appearance when combined with the deep, circumferential chamfer.

Baseboard 3075

For the modern and clean joining with the wall: For all designated decors in the qualities Classic 30 and Premium 55, there are cubiform baseboards to suit the decor in the dimensions 240 cm x 6 cm x 1.26 cm. The baseboards are also available in white – e.g. for universal use, including with tile decor.

Accent Strips 3056

Accent strips emphasize the individual elements: Combined with the tile decor, this creates the familiar screened look. Accents strips are available to suit all design floor decors.

Accent Strip Calculator

How many packs of accent strips do I need for my chosen design floor covering decor? The planks of the different decors have different sizes, and the use of the accent strips therefore varies depending on the decor. Our calculator can help you calculate the required quantity quickly.


Floor covering accessories

Textile floor coverings

High level of walking comfort, good sound insulation: Textile floor coverings are the right solution for a wide range of requirements.


Clean-off mats

Clean-off mats are suitable in heavily frequented entrance areas. Brillux clean-off floor coverings have proven themselves in this area.