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Design floor covering Perfect floors: MyHome & Business

The floor covering plays a decisive role in the design concept for a room. After all, the material and color selection have a significant impact on the atmosphere. Brillux design floor coverings help to create the desired ambiance in the private and commercial sectors. The heterogeneous vinyl floor coverings in the highest product quality can hardly be distinguished from their natural counterparts wood or stone.


Completely phthalate-free

Across the entire design floor covering collection MyHome & Business, Brillux has refrained from using plasticizers containing phthalates – and therefore fulfills the requirements that otherwise only apply for baby toys and medical products. 

Low installation height

Brillux design floor coverings are extremely hard-wearing even with their low build-up height of 2 or 2.5 mm. Ideal for new builds and renovations.

Visual appearance and acoustics

The floors with decoration-specific surface texture not only look true to the original, but also impress with their natural sound underfoot.

Variations for authenticity

Every decoration has an intentional variation in the individual elements. This develops an extremely authentic overall appearance when laid over a large area.


Qualities for every requirement

Design Floor Covering – Classic 30

For highest degree of surface exposure in private living areas and light surface exposure in public buildings, Brillux provides a design floor covering with a 0.3 mm wear layer. The circumferential microfiber s emphasized particularly well in finely textured surfaces – Decor 431 is only available without fiber due to its plank appearance.

Design Floor Covering – Premium 55

For the highest degree of surface exposure in residential areas and a high degree of surface exposure in commercial premises, the design floor coverings with a 0.55 mm wear layer is the perfect choice. Chamfered edges all around emphasize the character of any decor: Stone looks emphasize the tile character. The wood looks achieve a particularly authentic effect due to their circumferential chamfered edges. Decor 431 is available exclusively without chamfer due to its plank appearance.

Design options

Wide selection of decoration and installation variants

  • <p>Parallel planks</p>

    Parallel planks

  • <p>Offset planks</p>

    Offset planks

  • <p>With black accent strips and offset</p>

    With black accent strips and offset

  • <p>Planks laid alternately at an angle in a herringbone pattern for a more eye-catching floor design</p>

    Planks laid alternately at an angle in a herringbone pattern for a more eye-catching floor design

  • <p>Planks laid crosswise as frieze – a suitable solution for integrating a diagonal pattern in a surface</p>

    Planks laid crosswise as frieze – a suitable solution for integrating a diagonal pattern in a surface

Whether tile or wood look – among the 40 decorative effects with authentic surfaces, you are sure to find the right design floor covering for every application type. The individual installation direction and the installation offset provide more design freedom for the interior design with the design floor coverings. You can choose whether to install the planks and tiles in a straight pattern or offset – whether in semi-offset or wild pattern. Accent strips and skirting boards round off the design variety with design floor coverings.

Skirting Board 3057

For the perfect joining with the wall: For all designated decors in the qualities Classic 30 and Premium 55, there are skirting boards to suit the decor in the dimensions 240 cm x 6 cm x 1.5 cm. The skirting boards are also available in white – e.g. for universal use, including with tile decor.

Short planks

The design floor covering lives up to is name in particular if the floor has an expressive design. The fishbone pattern is a traditional version of the parquet design for giving rooms an elegant appearance. Brillux offers four decors in the special dimension 457 x 76 mm, which can be used to create this wide-spread method of floor laying. The completely beveled elements also open up additional options for an appealing and individual interior design. The four decors of the short planks are available exclusively in the version Premium 55. Short planks invite you to implement traditional installation methods in parquet design. Of course, these installation types can also be expanded significantly by using different decors within the floor area.

Accent Strips 3056

Accent strips emphasize the individual elements: Combined with the tile decor, this creates the familiar screened look. Accents strips are available to suit all design floor decors

Accent Strip Calculator

How many packs of accent strips do I need for my chosen design floor covering decor? The planks of the different decors have different sizes, and the use of the accent strips therefore varies depending on the decor. Our calculator can help you calculate the required quantity quickly.





Aluminum profile

Special profiles for homogeneous transitions

The benefits of the Brillux design floor covering: an extremely low installation height. Special coordinated profiles allow connections to existing floor coverings or design floor coverings to be laid on stairsteps. Brillux has the range of aluminum profiles in different colors for this purpose: for filigree leading edges, edge finishings or for laying on steps and platforms. The available profile length of up to 2.5 m enables practically seamless installation. The suitable fasteners for every profile are included.

Textile floor coverings

High level of walking comfort, good sound insulation: Textile floor coverings are the right solution for a wide range of requirements.


Clean-off mats

Clean-off mats are suitable in heavily frequented entrance areas. Brillux clean-off floor coverings have proven themselves in this area.

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