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Unbelievably strong: Brillux 2K-Aqua

2K-Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388: for exceptionally resistant coatings

Whether in highly-frequented areas like public buildings, schools and kindergartens or in surroundings with particularly high exposure to chemicals and disinfectants like hospitals, doctors’ offices or nursing homes: In some areas of application the demands on a coating’s capability of resistance are extreme.

In the new, water-based 2K-Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388 two components create an innovative high-tech coating. This product gives you exceptionally high resistance and resilience while offering minimal odor and a maximum of environmental sustainability at the same time.

Other areas of application are metal facades, coil coatings, doors, door frames and hand rails. Furthermore 2K-Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388 will wow you with its great adhesion to coatable plastics.

2K-Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388

  • Water-based two-component PUR-acrylic enamel paint
  • For both exterior and interior use
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Resistant to disinfectants and decontaminable
  • Sweat-resistant, saliva-resistant (complies with EN 71-3 Safety of toys: Migration of certain elements)
  • Suitable for indirect food contact
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Very resistant to light and weather exposure
  • Particularly low odor
  • AgBB-certified
  • Fast-hardening

For the coating build-up several application methods are available so that you will find the fitting technique and the highest possible convenience for any property. Application with a roller, a paintbrush or through AirCoat all are possible options. The standard color for 2K-Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388 is white, but many other colors can be mixed using the Brillux Color System.

2K-Aqua Primer: superior groundwork for perfect results

Also new in our assortment is the 2K-Aqua-Epoxy Primer 2373, a water-based two-component primer with excellent adhesion and high durability. 2K-Aqua-Epoxy Primer 2373 is available in white, anthracite, russet and gray and can be universally applied to non-absorbent substrates such as zinc, galvanized steel, aluminum and melamin resin panels as well as load-bearing coatings of PUR, epoxy and alkyd resin enamel paints. Indoors components of iron and steel also belong to those substrates suitable for 2K-Aqua-Epoxy Primer 2373. The application can be carried out with a roller or a paintbrush. For the subsequent coating build-up alkyd, acrylic, epoxy, PUR and polymerization resin enamel paints can be applied. This primer, together with 2K-Aqua Silk Matt Enamel 2388, makes an unbeatable combination for durable coatings.

Brillux developed the 2K-Aqua Epoxy-Spray Primer 2375 specifically for rational AirCoat spray application. The fine pulverization of the material results in minimal surface texturing and perfect adhesion on many substrates indoors at the same time.

2K-Aqua-Epoxy Primer 2373 and 2K-Aqua Epoxy-Spray Primer 2375

  • Water-based
  • Epoxy resin base
  • Matt
  • Excellent adhesion promotion
  • Fast-drying
  • Can be universally overcoated