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Fully solvent-free

Fully solvent-free

Brillux low-emission products

Creative living space design? Or healthy creative living space design? With Brillux you can have both. With Brillux products integrated living space concepts focus on people’s well-being. This applies in particular to our ELF dispersion paints.

The German abbreviation ELF identifies low-emission, solvent- and plasticizer-free products. Such products are marked with a green seal to further identify them as being health-concious.

Unlike conventional dispersion paints, ELF dispersion paints do not contain any plasticizers and so-called high-boilers, and are therefore free from any fogging-active substances.  

Thus volatile organic compounds that pollute the environment and can have a negative effect on your health are largely excluded from Brillux ELF coatings.

Since Brillux ELF dispersion paints are highly health-compatible, they are especially suitable for use in living and working areas as well as in critical environments such as nursery schools and hospitals.

At the same time they convince you of  their high quality by their optimum product and application properties, flow, open time and opacity.