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Blue Angel eco label

Blue Angel eco label

Health-compatible and environmentally friendly

Since 1978 the Blue Angel eco label has set the scale for environmentally friendly products and services. It was the first and is the best known eco label in the world. Healthy living with the Blue Angel: It is awarded only for products having a particularly low pollutant content or using recycled materials. In addition to meeting the highest environmental and health protection standards these products also distinguish themselves by their high quality and long service life.

Blue Angel eco-label for Brillux Lacryl products

Sophisticated interior color design is one thing. Healthy living is another. If you want both, you simply can't avoid choosing Brillux Lacryl coatings. These top products are optimized continuously and reflect the state-of-the-art, meeting all requirements of the Blue Angel eco-label. Thus Lacryl paints, varnishes and primers guarantee the ultimate in healthy living and consistent protection of the environment.