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The first choice: aromatics-free products by Brillux

Coatings must meet very high requirements. Paints and primers must be easy to apply, have good flow characteristics and result in a long-lasting finish. Brillux products meet these requirements perfectly.

In addition, we offer the right primer for any application in order to provide a surface with the ideal base. At the same time we demonstrate with our full range of aromatics-free and water-based paints, varnishes and primers, that meeting maximum quality requirements while ensuring health protection and environmental compatibility is actually possible. Isoparaffin instead of white spirit This is the recipe for the success of our aromatics-free alkyd resin-based paints and primers . Our aromatics-free products distinguish themselves by their excellent application and product properties while reducing annoying smell by a factor of 60. In addition the solvent isoparaffin is much healthier and environmentally compatible than white spirit. In critical environments such as hospitals, nursery schools, hotels or restaurants our aromatics-free paints and primers are the first choice for this reason.

High-end quality without compromise

Quality comes first. This is our motto. And it is why the aromatics-free coatings by Brillux are superior to conventional alkyd resin paints with respect to gloss grade, open time, surface quality and drying properties.

The solvent vapor concentration of non-ventilated interior room coatings is impressively low if the aromatics-free solvent isoparaffin is used. TRGS 901 permits much higher MAK values.
The ED50 value describing the "Relative smell intensity" of isoparaffin is only approx. 1/60 the value of white spirit.