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Mineral plaster floor

Self-leveling with individual structuring

Floortec 2K-Mineralico SL 470

Puristic floor surfaces are in high demand in modern commercial outfitting sector as well as in private living areas. Be it to attain a monolithic, massive floor surface with industrial character or to implement one's own corporate design in different colors. There are no limits on creativity with Floortec 2K-Mineralico SL 470.

As with high-quality parquet flooring, small scratches or flaws develop into an authentic patina in the course of time. In terms of a puristic floor, this characteristic is desired and hence distinguishes the floor from industrially manufactured material. Similarly, hair cracks in the surface cannot be completely eliminated; this depends on the substrate construction. They are not considered as flaws from a technical viewpoint because they are also a factor contributing to the appearance of the monolithic floor design.

Unlimited design possibilities

Floortec 2K-Mineralico SL 470 achieves a beautiful, streak-like texture on the surface even in the single-colored application. This effect can be enhanced by a two-colored application.

  1. Apply different shades of one color family to attain subtle marblings. To this end, the structuring direction is to be specified before the application, because smoothing should occur only once or twice in the context of the application so that the color shades do not blur into each other excessively.

  2. Work the shades of different color shade directions into each other. Achieve bold contrasts and in the process a desirable mottling with this technique. This greatly enlivens the floor surface. Here too, the structuring direction has to absolutely be specified before the application is begun. A new color shade will emerge in the overlapping area of the different color shades. This technique is only recommended for color-design professionals.
2K-Mineralico SL 470

The characteristics of Floortec 2K-Mineralico SL 470

  • Purely mineral basis
  • Outstanding leveling characteristics
  • Particularly low tension
  • Registered design DE 20 2012 010 394.6
  • Chair-caster suitable, wheel-type W
  • Suitable for warm-water underfloor heating
  • Compressive strength 30 N/mm²
    (in accordance with 28 d)
  • Non-combustible A2fl-s1
  • Slip-resistance class R9