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Scala digital

Scala digital

The easy way to find your Scala color shade

The Scala digital software for Mac or PC provides you with all the planning and design flexibility you need. It also features various easy-to-use functions. It helps you find color shades beyond the limits of normal color systems, identify color values or determine neighboring colors.

Scala digital supports you in your daily work with Scala color shades. The software functions are designed to provide you with quick solutions for typical practical tasks. You can find out more about Scala digital features or install the software right away – it’s up to you.

Scala digital features


Color Values

Identify the details of the color you’re looking for. This application provides you with all the information you need about the color: Scala, RAL or NCS code, RGB, HLC, La*b* and CMYK values.

Nächste Farbe

Next Colors

Find neighboring colors beyond the normal limits of color spaces. This feature identifies the neighboring color shades of the color you choose in Scala, RAL Classic, RAL Design and NCS.



Find out what colors hamonize with your color. With this feature you’ll be able to choose harmonizing colors based on complementary contrast, lightness and saturation.


Color Selection

Find several color shades that harmonize perfectly with a specific object. With this feature you can narrow down your color selection by color shade, lightness and saturation.


Color Pipette

Identify the color shade code intuitively. You can take any color from a digital medium and identify the corresponding Scala color.


Color Sets

Develop your own individual color selection. This helps you to collect and display different colors in various geometrical shapes.


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Use the many additional features available on the Internet to create photorealistic color designs with the Brillux Color Designer, order true-color Scala sample sheets, and learn about current news and the latest updates concerning Scala and Scala digital.