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Color charts


Color charts

The Scala color charts are designed to support you in your work. Each chart contains a selection of the Scala color space for exactly defined applications.

Scala color chart Facade Color Shades

384 Scala color shades for designing different exterior building surfaces are available in a compact form in this color chart from historic to modern in various saturations. To enable a better assessment of the color impression on facade-typical rough surfaces, all colors are presented on grainy substrates.

Scala color chart Interior Color Shades

This extract for designing interior rooms includes 382 Scala color shades on grainy substrates. The collection includes modern color trends as well as classic color worlds. The neighboring shades are indicated for each nuance, which results in a harmonized implementation of the design.

Scala color chart Varnish Color Shades

This color chart includes a selection of 247 high-gloss Brillux Scala color shades including 157 RAL Classic color shades. It also contains primer colors and decorative metallics.

Scala color chart Topcoat Paint

This Scala selection presents color shades which are particularly useful for coating interior and exterior wood surfaces. The glazing color shades are applied on ash veneer as a silk-gloss application. This color chart also contains colors which are suitable for covering wood coatings. (German version only)

Scala color chart Floor Coatings

Effect-rich, colorful floors can be designed perfectly with this Scala color chart. A total of 48 carefully chosen Scala color shades, 18 of which are RAL Classic colors, are presented in gloss grade silk matt. Additionally, the chart includes real samples and twelve foils which can be used for simulating different Dekochips effects on the required color coating. (German version only)