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Impredur Primer 835

aromatics-free, mild-odor, water vapor diffusible, for both exterior and interior...

Metal Primer 850

rust-passivating, fast-drying, adhesion promoting, for both exterior and interior...

Multi-Primer 227

rust-passivating, excellent adhesion, thick film, for both exterior and interior...

Universal Primer 246

water-based, low odor universal adhesion primer, fast-drying, for both exterior...


Isoprimer 243

water-based, cationical isolating, for exterior and interior use

Hydro-PU-Spray Filler 2120

water-based spray application quality, low odor, for interior use only

Hydro-PU-XSpray Filler 2220

water-based, low odor, XVLP spray application quality, for interior use

2C Epoxy Primer 855

rust-passivating, two-component, universally recoatable, for both exterior and...


2C Aqua Epoxy Primer 873

water-based, two-component, for both exterior and interior use, with Aqua Epoxy...