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Enamel paints, varnishes and woodstains


Special products

Marking Paint 108Marking Paint 108 Open

Marking Paint 108

fast-drying, highly abrasion-resistant, for both exterior and interior use

Zinc Dust Paint 128Zinc Dust Paint 128 Open

Zinc Dust Paint 128

special rust passivating prime coat, matt, for both exterior and interior use

Blackboard Paint 256Blackboard Paint 256 Open

Blackboard Paint 256

aromatics-free, mild smelling, matt, non-reflecting, for interior use only

Isolating Primer 115Isolating Primer 115 Open

Isolating Primer 115

isolating paint, fast-drying, good hiding power, interior use only

Anti-Silicone Additive 684Anti-Silicone Additive 684 Open

Anti-Silicone Additive 684

for alkyd resin paint and two-component coatings