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Enamel paints, varnishes and woodstains



Thinner AF 631Thinner AF 631 Open

Thinner AF 631

for regulating the consistency of paints free of aromatic compounds

Turpentine Substitute 321Turpentine Substitute 321 Open

Turpentine Substitute 321

for regulating the consistency of alkyd resin paint

Universal Thinner 432Universal Thinner 432 Open

Universal Thinner 432

for thinning synthetic resin paint, oil paint and PVC paint

Nitro Thinner 456Nitro Thinner 456 Open

Nitro Thinner 456

a special, particularly intensive nitro-based solvent for thinning paints

Epoxy Thinner 854Epoxy Thinner 854 Open

Epoxy Thinner 854

for thinning epoxy-resin based paints and floor coverings

Special Synthetic Resin Thinner 915Special Synthetic Resin Thinner 915 Open

Special Synthetic Resin Thinner 915

for thinning synthetic and PVC paints, for optimum consistency of sprayable...

PUR Thinner 617PUR Thinner 617 Open

PUR Thinner 617

for regulating the consistency of 2C-PUR-Acrylic Paint 5740, high gloss, and...