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Enamel paints, varnishes and woodstains


Woodstains and topcoat

Permanent Protection Woodstain 580Permanent Protection Woodstain 580 Open

Permanent Protection Woodstain 580

aromatics-free, mild odor, High-Solid woodstain, thixotropic, silk gloss, for both...

Gel-Woodstain 510Gel-Woodstain 510 Open

Gel-Woodstain 510

aromatics-free, mild odor, non-drip, fast-drying, silk gloss, for both exterior...

Surface Woodstain 620Surface Woodstain 620 Open

Surface Woodstain 620

aromatics-free, mild odor, drip inhibited, fast-drying, silk gloss, for both...

Lacryl Woodstain 235Lacryl Woodstain 235 Open

Lacryl Woodstain 235

waterborne, low odor, fast-drying, for both exterior and interior use

Fence Woodstain 558Fence Woodstain 558 Open

Fence Woodstain 558

brown, silk-gloss, for exterior use

Topcoat 871Topcoat 871 Open

Topcoat 871

waterborne, highly weather-resistant, diffusible, silk matt, for exterior use only