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Enamel paints, varnishes and woodstains



Enamel Filler 518Enamel Filler 518 Open

Enamel Filler 518

fills well, easy to sand, for interior use only

Synthetic Resin Filler 1022Synthetic Resin Filler 1022 Open

Synthetic Resin Filler 1022

fast-drying, fills well, can be sanded wet and dry, for both exterior and interior...

2C Uni-Polyester Filler 6672C Uni-Polyester Filler 667 Open

2C Uni-Polyester Filler 667

two-component filler, with good filling properties, can be lightly sanded, for...

2C Epoxy Repair Filler 5992C Epoxy Repair Filler 599 Open

2C Epoxy Repair Filler 599

Two-component, fills well, easy to sand, for both exterior and interior use